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Animal Law

Experienced Ohio Animal Law and Animal Welfare Attorneys

For the past two decades, animal welfare and animal rights have been a primary focus for Holland & Muirden. We are one of the only firms in the State of Ohio that devotes a significant portion of its practice to the exciting, dynamic field of Animal Law.

Special Prosecution for Animal Cruelty

Animal Cruelty Attorneys Ohio. Dog and Cat

In 1991, more than 130 dogs were seized from a puppy mill by a local humane society.  The animals were suffering from living in filthy conditions, inadequate shelter, and lack of proper veterinary care.  Attorney Jeff Holland helped to prosecute that case.

Since that time, Holland & Muirden has grown into one of the most experienced animal law firms in the state, prosecuting hundreds of animal cruelty cases in dozens of courts all over the State of Ohio; from Cleveland to Dayton, from Steubenville to Toledo, and many communities in between.

Our attorneys have successfully prosecuted and convicted animal cruelty cases of all kinds, championing new legislature and achieving ground-breaking verdicts that help shape the way animals are treated under Ohio law.

Humane Officer Training and Humane Education

Holland & Muirden regularly conducts training seminars for Humane Agents, Dog Wardens, Attorneys, and Veterinarians on animal law issues.

Holland & Muirden has conducted seminars on animal cruelty law for the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA), Ohio State University, and the Montana Veterinary Medical Association.

Jeff Holland serves as an Adjunct Professor at Case Western University School of Law, where he teaches a class on Animal Law.

Civil Litigation and Administrative Animal Law

Our Animal Law attorneys pursue a broad range of animal rights and animal law issues:

Administrative Law:
“Nuisance Dog,” “Dangerous dog,” and “Vicious dog” designations and hearings
Zoning issues affecting animals and/or their guardians
• Municipal code and ordinance violations
Breeder Issues
Custody Issues
Disability Law
Assistance and service animals, emotional support animals, psychiatric service animals
Violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Dog Bites
Equine Law and Horse Liability Issues
Farm, Agribusiness, and Livestock Concerns
Feral Cat Laws
Landlord / Tenant Law
Nonprofit Organizations and Humane Societies
Product Liability Issues
Rabies and Health Department Issues
Training and Kenneling Complaints
Trust and Estate Planning: Arranging for the care of a pet (Pet Trusts)
Wild and Exotic Animal Issues:
Dangerous Wild Animals
Restricted Snakes
Wildlife and Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Issues
Wolf-hybrid (“Wolfdog”) Issues
Wrongful Injury
Wrongful Death
Veterinary Malpractice

Akron, Ohio Animal LawyersLegislation

Holland & Muirden has been active in seeking better protection for animals and their owners under Ohio law.

In addition to advocacy, our Attorneys assist with drafting animal related ordinances, codes, and statutes. Attorney Jeff Holland helped draft S.B. 221, known as the Companion Animal Law, which was the first significant change in Ohio’s animal cruelty law in over a hundred years. Jeff Holland also wrote the initial draft for H.B. 274, known as Goddard’s Law (2013) which, if passed, will provide felony penalties for the worst cases of animal abuse and neglect in Ohio.

Ohio Animal Law Lawyers: Medina, Fairlawn, Cleveland, Wadsworth, Richfield, Brunswick, Akron, and more

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