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urine scalds

Animal cruelty conviction for cats living in waste in Mentor, Ohio.

State v. Nancy and Christopher Farley; cases we prosecuted for the Lake Humane Society.

A car was towed to a repair shop, filled with clothing and other personal items. The smell was so strong inside the vehicle that the mechanic thought it contained a dead body. He called the police who then summoned Humane Agents from the Lake Humane Society.

Two cat carriers were found under the clothing and debris, with two cats inside. The carriers were filled with urine and fecal matter, so that the animals were soaked through with liquid waste. Among other things, the cats suffered from urine scalds. As is often the case, we are not posting the worst photographs.

Defendants were found guilty in the Mentor Municipal Court of companion animal cruelty, and are prohibited from possessing companion animals indefinitely.


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