Conviction for Neglecting Dog with Skin Condition

149 views 7:50 pm 0 Comments September 15, 2015

State of Ohio v. Daniel and Dustin Dellick, a case prosecuted for Animal Charity of Ohio.

The Dellicks were charged with animal neglect related to the care of their dog, Bella. Bella suffered from a severe untreated skin condition that caused intense pain and discomfort. Bella likely had not left her position on the couch in quite some time.

The Dellicks each pled guilty to one count of animal neglect.

They are prohibited from owning, keeping, or possessing any companion animals for an indefinite period of time and were further sentenced to 5 years probation, during which time they cannot own, keep, care for, or live with any animal. The Humane Society is permitted to conduct random inspections to ensure compliance. The Dellicks must complete mental health evaluations and follow up with recommended treatment, if any. The Dellicks must also pay $2,000 in restitution to Animal Charity, a $100 fine (Daniel only), and court costs. If they fail to comply with these conditions, they face 90 days in jail each.

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