Dog Bites

Ohio’s Strict Liability Policy

In Ohio, dog owners are considered strictly liable for any injury their dog causes to another person or their property. As companion animals are considered personal property under the Ohio Revised Code, this includes any harm done to another owner’s dog, cat, or other companion animal pet.

Administrative Remedies and Other Consequences

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A dog that has attacked, bitten, menaced, or attempted to attack a person, pet, or livestock animal may become a concern to the community. When this happens, a court may designate the animal as a Nuisance, Vicious, or Dangerous Dog, requiring the dog and its owner to pay costs and comply with special rules and restrictions for the rest of the animal’s life. In some cases, this may include an order for euthanasia (the likelihood of a euthanasia order may increase for wolf hybrids and other breeds considered “health risks”).

How to Proceed

As an advocate for the safe and responsible ownership of animals, Holland & Muirden can represent victims of dog bites to pursue the damages they deserve. In addition to winning you compensation for your injury, we will make it our goal to hold irresponsible dog owners accountable for their negligence.

If you believe that your dog has been falsely accused of a bite or that it was wrongfully provoked into behaving violently, we will fight to protect you and your animal from any unjust fines and penalties. Our attorneys will do everything they can to build a compelling case for your pet’s innocence, and to expose the intentions of those seeking undeserved satisfaction at your expense.

Ohio Dog Bite Attorneys: Akron, Medina, Cleveland, Wadsworth, Fairlawn