Hudson resident, Dowdell, guilty of animal neglect

39 views 9:05 pm 0 Comments June 6, 2014

State v. Howard Dowdell, a case we prosecuted for the Humane Society of Greater Akron.

Dowdell was found guilty of 3 counts of companion animal cruelty in a case alleging neglect of 6 dogs in his care. The veterinary report noted dogs that were very thin, dehydrated and/or infested with whipworms and hookworms. One stool sample was dry, containing leaves, grass and rocks. Decomposed puppies were found in a trash bag on the property, cause of death unknown. All dogs were surrendered to the Humane Society.

Dowdell is prohibited from owning or possessing dogs for 5 years and is subject to random inspections. If he violates those terms, he can serve up to 90 days in jail. He was fined $500, of which $250 was suspended, and must pay $1,000 restitution to the Humane Society.


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