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Discrimination against Service / Assistance / Support Animals

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Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), disabled persons with service animals are protected against housing and job discrimination on the basis of their disability.

This protection extends to the use of service animals at the individual’s residence or workplace, so landlords and employers must make accommodations for service animals despite any “No Pet” policy they may have.

Depending on the disabled individual’s circumstances, further protections may also apply. If you have been victim to discrimination because of a disability-related service animal, our attorneys will help you to fight for the equal treatment and accommodation you are entitled to by law.

Public Access and Accommodation

If you require assistance from a specially-trained service animal, you have a legal right to be accompanied by your service animal in nearly all public venues. These special access rights can frequently override health code restrictions, company policies, and other prohibitions concerning animals.

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There are, of course, a number of exceptions to this rule. Service animals are generally not permitted inside food preparation facilities or designated sterile areas (like operating rooms or “clean rooms” for manufacturing microchips). Private clubs, churches, jail cells, federal courts, open zoological exhibits, amusement park rides, and Native American Tribal Council Chambers may also exclude service animals at their discretion.

If you have been unjustly prevented from bringing your service animal into a legally permitted area, we can help you to pursue legal action in defense of your rights.

Tags and Special Registration

If your pet serves as an assistance, service, or support animal, Ohio law can make you exempt from pet registration and tag fees. By showing that it provides you with medical, psychological, or other support-based service, you can receive free lifetime service-animal registration for your pet (this process may vary by city and county).

Eligible service animals may include:

  • “Seeing-eye” guide dogs
  • Hearing-assistance dogs
  • Service and mobility-assistance animals
  • Seizure alert dogs
  • Psychological/emotional support animals (with doctor’s recommendation)
  • Therapy animals
  • Allergen alert animals

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