Training and Kenneling Complaints

Complaints of Unsatisfactory Service, Fraud, or Breach of Contract

When contracting the services of an obedience trainer, kenneling service, or other animal-care professional, you should expect to receive no less than the kind of service advertised to you at the time of purchase. If an obedience trainer offers to house-train your dog in two weeks, for example, you have every reason as a consumer to expect that result.

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The care your pet receives should also honor any special instructions agreed to by both parties when the service was contracted. For instance, many pet owners ask for their pet to be trained without the use of shock collars or restricting choke leashes. You may even give special instructions for your animal’s grooming, feeding, or medication when purchasing kenneling or animal day-care services.

If an animal-care professional has provided you with unsatisfactory service, violated the terms of your agreement, or in any way misrepresented his or her credentials to you, you may be entitled to legal satisfaction. With Holland & Muirden’s long history of fighting for accountability in the animal-care industry, we are uniquely qualified to help you to win the compensation you deserve.

Complaints of Mistreatment, Negligence, or Abuse

Once a training, kenneling, or veterinary service is entrusted with your animal’s well-being, you are entitled to expect that your animal will be treated with a high standard of care. If your pet has been neglected, mistreated, or improperly cared for by an animal-care service or its employees, you may have civil or even criminal remedies.

At Holland & Muirden, we believe that the humane treatment of animals is an ethical imperative. Our attorneys will provide you with the best possible legal assistance to ensure that the suffering inflicted on your pet does not go unpunished.

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