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Animal neglect

Lake County Animal Hoarding Case Resolved

These photographs are from a case we recently prosecuted for Lake Humane Society.

Sixteen live cats and one dog were removed from this neglect situation, which included extremely deplorable conditions inside the home, lack of veterinary care, and inadequate food and water. Animal bones were also discovered. Five cats had to be euthanized.

As part of a plea agreement, Defendant will serve 5 years of probation and will be unable to possess any animals during that time.

Animal hoarding situations compromise both animal and human welfare. Addressing these situations is difficult and emotional, but it is clear that intervention is key to preventing these situations from spiraling out of control. If you suspect an animal hoarding situation, please contact your local humane society.


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Barberton man convicted of starving dogs

State v. Mark Grizer, a case we prosecuted for the Humane Society of Greater Akron was resolved today.  Grizer was convicted of two counts of companion animal cruelty for allowing two of his dogs to become emaciated.  The animals were found in filthy conditions.  Grizer surrendered the dogs, who have been rehabilitated and are both doing well in their new homes.

Dog photo Grizer

As a part of the sentence in this case, the Magistrate at the Barberton Municipal Court prohibited Grizer from possessing animals of any kind indefinitely.  This means that

Grizer will be unable to possess animals for life, unless the Court orders otherwise at a later date.  Grizer must also submit to random inspections for 5 years to make sure that he has no animals.  He must also repay the Humane Society for veterinary costs.  If he violates the terms of his sentence, Grizer faces up to 90 days in jail, a $100 fine and court costs.


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Cleveland man convicted of neglecting dogs

State v. Joseph Salett, a case we prosecuted for the Cleveland APL. Salett was found guilty of companion animal cruelty for failing to provide adequate food or water to two dogs, who were both Body Condition Score 2.

Salett was sentenced to 90 days in jail, which may be imposed if he fails to complete 3 years probation. During that time, Salett is prohibited from keeping, owning or possessing in his home any animals, and is subject to random inspections. He must complete a humane education course, and must pay $500 in restitution.Skinny dog

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Geauga Humane Society tracks down horse neglect offenders living in Kansas

State v. Jessica Barclay; State v. Kelly Barclay
Two cases we prosecuted for the Geauga County Humane Society. Both were found guilty of three counts of animal cruelty after an investigation of neglect of 6 horses. The Humane Society successfully pursued this case despite the fact that the Defendants moved to Kansas.

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Defendant in starved horse case serves jail time

Update on State v. Antoinette Kuenzer, a case we prosecuted for the Medina County SPCA in the Medina Municipal Court.

Kuenzer was recently sentenced on her conviction for animal cruelty for starving two horses.

Kuenzer was sentenced to 90 days in jail. Kuenzer served 28 days. 62 days were suspended contingent upon successful completion of 5 years’ probation. During probation, she must submit to random drug screening, and is prohibited from owning possessing or living at a residence with animals. She is also subject to random, unannounced inspections.Photo 2

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Puppy nursed to health by cat, criminal case resolved.

State v. Jose Cintron, a case we prosecuted for the Cleveland Animal Protective League. This case received some earlier news coverage because the mother was in poor condition, and the puppy was nursed back to health by a cat. Both animals made a full recovery.

The Defendant was found guilty today of animal neglect in the Cleveland Municipal Court. He is prohibited from possessing animals for three years, and is subject to random inspections. He is required to pay $450 in restitution. A violation of these terms may result in a 90 day jail term.


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